31 August 2015
Outsourcing Outpatients

In May 2007 Boots UK Ltd opened it doors to the Trust serving a variety of Outpatient and A& E patients. Being the first collaboration of its kind, it signalled the beginning of a unique partnership between the Trust and Boots UK Ltd for the outsourcing of the dispensing and delivery of outpatient pharmaceuticals.

Boots Pharmacy is located on-site in the upper Main Entrance at Heartlands Hospital and in addition to providing a core outpatient/A&E dispensing service Boots also offer a range of community based healthcare services to visitors of the trust, which include Healthy Heart Checks and Smoking Cessation. Boot Pharmacy employ their own pharmacy team comprising of Pharmacists, Technicians and assistants who work closely with the trust's Pharmacy Outsourcing Manager and Hospital pharmacy team in providing a seamless dispensing and supply service.

The benefits of outsourcing service include an enhancement in patient choice as to how and when their medicines are supplied, an on-site same day dispensing service, collection from one of 25 nominated local community Boots pharmacies, home delivery for designated clinics/specialities and access to a patient helpline for advice and information.

Outpatient services at Good Hope and Solihull Hospitals are currently under review.