28 May 2018
Outsourcing and Homecare


In 2007, as part of our commitment to improve services to patients the Pharmacy Directorate at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital formed a commercial partnership with Boots Pharmacy who now dispense outpatient prescriptions for all Heartlands patients. Being the first collaboration of its kind, it signaled the beginning of a unique partnership between the NHS and the private sector for the outsourcing of the dispensing and delivery of outpatient pharmaceuticals.


Why the change in service?

The benefits of outsourcing service include an enhancement in patient choice as to how and when their medicines are supplied, an on-site same day dispensing service, collection from one of 30 nominated local community Boots pharmacies, home delivery for designated clinics/specialities and access to a patient helpline for advice and information.


Boots is located on the 1st floor of the main entrance at Heartlands Hospital. It only dispenses hospital prescriptions and does not have a licence to dispense FP10s, not does it offer NHS services such as NRT.


Other services we now provide in collaboration include home delivery of complex prescriptions, an enhanced dispensing services for Rheumatology patients and the dispensing of blister packs for discharge.


Opening times are             Monday-Friday                          9am-8pm

                                   Saturday                           9am-12.30pm

                                   Sunday                              Closed



As part of a continued drive to deliver healthcare that meets patient's needs the Trust now also offers a wide range of outpatient  medication via homecare services. Working with a range of companies, all of which who meet the high standards expected of any pharmacy services, certain drug treatment can be delivered and/or administered to the patients at home at a time of their choosing. Your consultant or nurse practitioner will offer you the choice of having this service if it is appropriate.